Talita Pagani

My name is Talita Pagani, a bachelor and master candidate in Computer Science living in Bauru, São Paulo, Brazil. I started working with front-end development and web design in 2001 and I've been working formally since 2005.

I already worked as back-end developer, front-end developer, interface designer, test analyst, assistant project manager and a requirements analyst. Yes, my professional experience is very diversified! However, my focus is always usability and accessibility, independently of the position. Currently, I'm a freelancer front-end developer and usability consultant. Also, I'm a graduate professor in a Software Engineering specialization at my city.

Besides coding, I like to share knowledge, so I'm frenquently attending web development events as participant or speaker. I already talked at QCon (São Paulo, Brazil), Campus Party, W3C Web.br and organized twice Frontinterior, a front-end conference at countryside of São Paulo state.

I'm a member of W3C's Web Accessibility Working Group in Brazil and, since 2014, Local Leader of Interaction Design Foundation (IDF).

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